Finally a Home for Lexi

Lexi came into care foster care as a one-year old who had endured an untreated injury.

After extensive attempts were exhausted to safely reunify Lexi with her mother, the toddler became
available for adoption and remained in foster care while she waited for the right family.

Attempts to match the young girl with adoptive families failed, as she associated women with neglect
and would act out when she sensed that a woman was trying to engage her.

When it seemed like no good family solution could be found for Lexi, our team identified a half-sister
who was unknown to us at the beginning of this case.

Lexi bonded with her half-sister almost immediately.

Now happy and healthy, she has been legally and permanently adopted by her half-sister. She says
“Lexi is the daughter and sister that her family always dreamed of.”

If you are interested in adoption, send an email to

Adoption is one of JFCS’s six core programs.

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