Florida Blue Installs a Segment of RESCUERS


As JFCS planned to bring the Gay Block and Malka Drucker exhibit, RESCUERS, to the Frisch
Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery, the organization knew that it did not have the space to display
the entire exhibition. This constraint presented an opportunity to partner with other community
organizations in order to spread the messages of remembrance and tolerance.

“We are grateful that Florida Blue immediately stepped up as the community leader that they are, to
partner with JFCS and install the segment of RESCUERS,” said Colleen Rodriquez, Executive
Director of JFCS.

At a roundtable discussion about tolerance and the Holocaust, Florida Blue described the art and
true stories as aligning with the company’s core values, one of which is courage.

Holocaust survivor Claire Soria, who lives locally, also shared her story of survival with employees of
the company during the roundtable discussion.

Upon finishing its run at Florida Blue the special segment of the exhibition will be installed at the
University of North Florida.

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