Heroes Among Us Transforming Tomorrows a Tremendous Success!

On April 4th, event Chairs Sheryl & Todd Johnson welcomed approximately 400 of JFCS’s supporters to one of the Agency’s most successful annual events to date.

The event highlighted the problem of stigmatizing mental health and the need for greater support and understanding — from the governmental level all the way through to our individual relationships.

The evening featured an inspiring video of individuals who overcame events that tested their own personal mental health and, through the help of JFCS, have transformed their own tomorrows.

View the video by clicking here.

The highlight of the evening came when Sheryl Johnson took the podium to share her family’s struggle with losing a child to a battle with mental illness.  The associated stigma, which only added to their sadness and isolation, almost silenced her family. Sheryl’s testimony shattered long-standing perceptions, starting conversations among an audience that typically might not talk about mental health issues.

“We are so grateful to our many donors and friends who supported this year’s fundraising event for JFCS. The evening’s success would not have been possible without their partnership and outstanding support,” said Director of Development, Susie Menaged.

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