JFCS Board Visits “Lest We Forget” Exhibit at St. John’s Cathedral

JFCS’s Board of Directors held their regularly scheduled April meeting at St. John’s Cathedral in order to experience a very special collaborative exhibition entitled “Lest We Forget.”

The exhibit included a collection of powerful images taken by local and world-renowned photographers, including pictures from inside a Nazi concentration camp as well as portraits of Holocaust survivors and the people who risked their lives harboring their persecuted neighbors.

Jay Wright, an exhibition committee member with St. John’s Cathedral, said the congregation leaders felt this was an important topic to focus on during Lent, a time of reflection and repentance.

“The exhibition graphically presents images of mankind at its worst and its best,” Wright said. “It’s important that we recognize the mistakes of the past to ensure we don’t repeat them in the future.”

Coordinated by Wright, the exhibit also featured works from The Rescuers, currently on display at JFCS’s Frisch Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery, Survivors by Ingrid Damiani and Israeli Holocaust Survivor Portraits by Vardi Kahana.

JFCS is seeking partners to display art exhibitions of societal importance. If you have a public space available for the displaying of art, please contact us through email by
clicking here.

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