JFCS Financial Assistance is Here For the Unexpected

Jessica is a 20-year old mother to a 6-month old baby girl. Recently, she had a tire blowout on I-295 causing her truck to flip numerous times, ejecting her before landing on her.
Amazingly, physicians were able to repair her neck by fusing her vertebral column together. However, recovery would be a long road. The accident severed the nerves in her left arm causing her to lose complete use of that arm. 
Jessica’s survival and recovery is a miracle. However, life after the accident is a struggle. She cannot care for herself; she cannot care for her child; and all of the money she saved prior to the accident has dissipated, leaving Jessica struggling financially.
Jessica reached out to JFCS for support in getting back on her feet. We assisted her with rent and utilities, and helped her file for disability. Jessica cannot stand or walk without pain, and may never be able to work again, leaving her to worry about her future financial stability.
Thankfully, things are looking up for Jessica. Her 16-year old sister moved in with her to assist in taking care of the baby. Although this was helpful, the strain of not knowing how to begin the next phase of her journey is severe. Traumatized by the accident, Jessica experiences recurrent flashbacks. We have referred her to Dupont Counseling Group for individual therapy.
With the additional help of a Financial Assistance Specialist, Jessica is working hard to make a plan for success. With her commitment to her daughter and her recovery, combined with JFCS’s wraparound services, she has begun to build a bridge from trauma to hope.

This is only one of the many stories our Financial Assistance department has experienced since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Many people are struggling – due to sickness and/or job loss.  JFCS is here to help the entire community through difficult times.

If you or someone you know are experiencing financial hardship, contact us today at 904-448-1933. We are just a phone call away and we can lend a helping hand.