Our New Home Is Taking Shape!

By Ryan Allison -

JFCS is thrilled to announce that renovations are underway on our new building! The agency has partnered with The Angelo Group and Tom Duke Architecture to complete our new home at 8540 Baycenter Rd. JFCS Executive Director Colleen Rodriguez said, “JFCS hopes to complete renovations and open its new doors sometime in the fall of 2017.”

As JFCS helps people of every age, faith, and ethnicity throughout Northeast Florida, the need for more space continues to grow. The new headquarters building will provide space for the agency’s staff activities as well as a range of social services to be provided onsite. Among those services to be provided at the center will be mental counseling, financial advice and assistance, children’s services and adoption services. There will also be a children’s garden, a library/resource center and a Jewish services center.

Many opportunities to contribute to this community funded project still exist, including dedicatory options and naming opportunities.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in creating a lasting positive impact in the community, please contact Kathy Wohlhuter at 904-394-5727 or kwohlhuter@jfcsjax.org