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Foster Care Services

Providing birth mothers with financial and emotional support and connecting adoptive families with children
Discover Our Comprehensive Approach to Adoption Care

Adoption can be both an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience. First Coast Adoption Professionals (FCAP) strives to make the process safe and easy with our comprehensive adoption services.

For more than 60 years, we have been involved in every stage of the adoption process – from aiding birth mothers to matching adoptive parents with children. Our dedicated, caring team has earned the respect of communities, licensing agencies and law associations wherever our services have touched families.

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Adoptive Parents Services

Creating Loving Families Through Adoption
First Coast Adoption Professionals has the extensive knowledge to help adoptive families find the right child for them. Our adoptions are usually semi-open, meaning the birth mother has active participation in selecting adoptive parents. We guide you through every step of the process, from the initial application to the final adoption. Most importantly, we give you the emotional support to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of an adoption.

Broad Geographic Reach
First Coast Adoption Professionals is licensed as an agency in Florida, Connecticut and New York and works with a wide variety of other agencies across the United States. Our large geographic range gives us more flexibility in finding the right homes for children.

Home Studies
Since we guide you through the entire adoption process, our licensed staff also conducts state-regulated home studies and post-placement visits. These studies help us get to know you, your family members and the home environment you would provide to an adopted child.

The in-depth study includes review of your background, employment, income, education, lifestyle, values, family life and more. We conduct home studies not only to comply with state law, but to also help us make the best match possible for both you and the child.

If you’re considering adoption, contact us toll-free at (904) 394-5763, or email us at All contacts will be held in strictest confidence.

Birth Mother's Services

Empowering Birth Mothers with Supportive Care
The decision to give your baby for adoption can be one of the most challenging ones you face, but it’s not the only one. Birth mothers will also have to consider an adoption plan, find an adoptive family and take care of their health.

With the help of First Coast Adoption Professionals, you won’t have to go through this critical time alone. Our team will provide you with personalized care that offers you control throughout the process and helps you make the best, most loving decision for your child.

Tailored Adoption Services
We help birth mothers of all races, religions, ethnic origins and backgrounds, and we’re comfortable with special needs adoptions. Our compassionate team gives every birth mother the support she needs before, during and after an adoption. This may include:

·      Prenatal care management
·      Financial assistance
·      Pre- and post-adoption counseling
·      Access to community resources
·      Consulting services

Your Choice of Adoptive Parents
Our philosophy is to respect the voices and needs of birth mothers. That’s why most of our adoptions are “semi-open,” allowing you to be as actively involved in the process of selecting an adoptive family as you wish.

We’ll discuss the kind of family and lifestyle you envision for your baby, carefully find and screen prospective families for you, and then help you decide which family best suits your and your child’s needs.

Post-Adoption Counseling
Our job doesn’t end once the adoption takes place. When you let First Coast Adoption Professionals handle your adoption, you’ll be eligible for free counseling for any issues. It’s just one more way we strive to help you during this period of your life.

If you or someone you know is pregnant and considering adoption, call us toll-free, day or night, at (904) 394-5763, or email us at There’s no obligation, and all contacts will be held in strictest confidence.