Volunteer Rockstars – Jim and Francine Kempner

For more than 20 years, Jim and Francine Kempner have been an invaluable gift to Jewish Family & Community Services. 

In 1997, Jim Kempner relocated to Jacksonville from New York and immediately felt that he needed something new and exciting to do that would allow him to help the community. Francine suggested visiting Iris Young, former JFCS Executive Director. “I want to help” was the first thing Jim said as he walked into Iris’s office. Motivated by his enthusiasm, Iris sat down with Jim and the two strategized a plan that would benefit the community.

Jim and Francine decided to host a dinner for their closest friends and use the event as an opportunity to educate people about JFCS. The Kempner’s partnered with Matthew’s Restaurant and invited 10 people to visit their home for an evening of food, fun and fundraising. The night was a success. The following year, more people joined, and the next even more, until eventually the Kempner’s house could no longer accommodate all the attendees. It was then that our Annual Event was born.

Both Jim and Francine are JFCS Past Board Presidents and believe in the services and programs provided by our organization. Since 1997, their dedication, generosity, and leadership has never wavered. They continue to be involved, currently serving on the Development Committee.

When asked why the two are still involved after all this time, Francine stated, “We love JFCS. We take pride in supporting an agency that continues to grow and prosper. We have been here from the beginning and will remain involved as long as we can.” Thank you, Jim and Francine for always being here for JFCS! Save the date for our Annual Hybrid-Fundraiser, scheduled for April 22, 2021. Details to follow.