Board of Directors

The LJD Jewish Family & Community Services is honored to have this distinguished group serving as its Board of Directors. The agency continues to benefit from their experience, expertise, insights and wisdom.

Dr. David S. Loeb

Past President
Stephen M. Goldman

James Lawson

Kimberly Sisisky

Vice President
Christen Luikart

Vice President
Matthew Rickoff

Vice President
Daniel Sandler

Wiatt Bowers
Dr. Justin D’Arienzo
Rachael Tutwiler Fortune
Sheryl Johnson
Charles Joseph
Sharon Kaplan
Matthew Lufrano
Dr. Steven Neihaus
Ned Price
Erik Rostholder
Mike Russell
Josh Sachs
Debra Setzer
Steven Sherman
Chase Zimmerman


Chief Executive Officer 
Colleen L. Rodriguez  | 394-5752 |

Chief Operations Officer
Bill Nolan | 394-5765 |

Executive Assistant 
Regina “Geege” Schuman | 394-5720 |

Director of Finance 
Nelson Gibson | 394-5725 |

Director of Grants & Compliance
Stephanie Majeskey | 394-5726 |

Marketing & Communications Manager
Caryl Butterley | 394-5782 |

Director of Human Resources 
Nicola Garner | 394-5744 |

Director of Development
Susan Menaged | 394-5727 |

Director of Achievers for Life
Chris Atkins | 394-5733 |

First Coast Adoption Professionals (FCAP)
Laura Evans | 394-5747 |

Director of Clinical Services (Dupont Counseling Group)
Lorna Wittenrich | 394-5833 |

Director of Jewish Services
Hilary Rotenberg Bettman | 394-5722 |