Great Kids Through Great Co-Parenting

Divorce Court Required Co-Parenting Class

Many clients are required by the courts to attend this co-parenting class due to divorce. This class is designed to help you to understand relationship endings, recognize the importance of shared parenting, gain strategies to better communicate with your ex-partner, identify strategies for communicating with children, understand family dynamics and gain awareness of the legal components involved.

Instructors for the class are certified Co-Parenting Class instructors with a wealth of information.

Cost of the group class: $35.00

Items Covered Include

  • Shared parenting – statistics on families, shared parenting, co-parenting components and conflict resolution

  • The importance of communication with co-parents

  • Communication with children leading up to the divorce and after and conflict resolution over loyalties

  • The impact of abuse on family dynamics – with topics including Parental Alienation Syndrome, Child abuse and/or neglect and domestic violence

  • The general legal components – mediation vs. litigation, a parental plan and financial impacts/child support

  • The Implications of time sharing – review of the Child’s Bill of Rights and the change of family structure

  • Personal reflection and a course test will end the class before the presentation of the certificates of completion

All Co-Parenting Classes are currently held ONLINE through a scheduled ZOOM virtual meeting

You will be emailed a link to this virtual class the day before (for morning classes) or the morning of (for evening classes). You will need to access this link using an internet connection on a computer or mobile device that has a front-facing camera and microphone (the same technology used in video calling). Your camera must be working during the entire class in order to receive “in-person” credit for the class (a court requirement).

If you need more information contact Dupont Counseling Group at JFCS at 904-394-5706

Class Schedule

Below are our upcoming classes. Choose a date* below and select it on the registration form during the purchasing process. Note that all classes are currently only offered in ENGLISH.

Upcoming Classes

Thu JUL 11 : 4-8pm
Sat JUL 13 : 9am-1pm

*JFCS reserves the right to reschedule a class if less than 5 participants register for a given class.