Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been myriad concerns about mental health.

As providers of mental health services, our community relies on JFCS to foster the development of cognitive and emotional skills that allow them to cope with life’s many challenges. They look to us to help support them as they work to discover deeper purpose and connection in their lives. Because of safety requirements due to the pandemic, our agency developed organizational strategies that would allow us to safely provide these urgently-needed services to the community.

As the number of local coronavirus cases grew, our counseling group transitioned our in-person services to tele-counseling: video chats or phone meetings that effectively serve as a remote counseling session. To date, we’ve held more than 1,800 of these sessions with both new and existing clients. Unexpectedly, we have been able to reach more clients, and we’ve reached people who historically had trouble receiving services before.

Our work during the COVID-19 crisis has expanded our capabilities and deepened our relationships with clients in surprising ways, but the silver lining that shines brightest is our vision for the future of counseling – a direct result of the successes we’ve seen in our clients. Tele-counseling is beginning to be appreciated not just as a workaround, but as a mainstay method of critical mental health services.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, contact Dupont Counseling Group at 904-394-5706 or email us at There is help.